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November 17, 2005


David Tebbutt

"After the Jam is completed, extensive analysis is used"

Any clues to how this is done? I presume it's IBM or a partner's (or several partners') software.


Joe Harwell

Insoluble energy problems? I think not.
1. Check out BlackLight Power at www.blacklightpower.com. They have found a process for extracting hydrogen from water very efficiently by using certain frequencies of ultra-violet light, then using other frequencies to convert it directly into energy.
2. Nuclear energy has become far more efficient, and safe while producing far less waste in recent years. Furthermore, nuclear waste can be recycled, producing more fuel while reducing the fraction of highly radioactive products. See the Sept 2005 issue of 21st Century Magazine.
3. Existing coal fired power plants can be cleaned up very easily & econmically. For example, I applied for a job at a power plant at La Grange, Texas, approximately 40 miles SE of Austin in Sept of 1984 or 1985. My interviewer was quite proud of their plant, and took me outside to see if I could discern which of the two units were online. I could not. He informed me that both stacks had been retrofitted with both precipitators and scrubbers. The fly ash recovered paid for the retrofits the first year, and were an ongoing source of additional revenue.
Therefore, I don't believe we have an energy crisis, nor an insoluble one. The only crisis we face is one of ignorance, will, or corruption, and these are soluble if enough concerned people work hard enough for it.
BTW, great article. 8<)

Bernard D. Tremblay (ben)

Yes indeed, IBM is working on some brilliant praxis ... that certainly did not show on the "Jam" site, which was hardly better than what we were producing in 1995. (Not even links to move forward from one forum thread to the next? Teen-age gamers' forums are more effective!)

This would have been a great opportunity to manifest Web 2.0 savy ... but yet again the powers that be sweep our knowledge of cognitive ergonomics under the carpet. It's very as though civic discourse is to be hampered.



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