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August 07, 2006




I'm an avid reader of your blog since I think about similar things. The question I have is as follows – we as organisations need to understand the flatness of the world and benefit the business and society by awareness of this trend; however, at the same time, we as individuals seem to view this trend as a threat and close ourselves to it. The latter is somewhat logical, but perhaps incorrect. How do you think we should create a culture change so that more people think about businesses and societies rather than about themselves individually, more often?

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Ben Casnocha

Irving -- But does national competitiveness matter? Should entrepreneurs who embrace a flat world simply seek out the talent and opportunities wherever they are? Aren't the most acute problems we face global ones, that is, ones that all societies must grapple with?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I honestly think that there has to be a balance between global and local or personal thinking. I agree that we face acute global problems, but you cannot ignore the plight of local communities that may be losing jobs and need to adapt and change to compete.

Similarly, while we want people to think more about business and society rather than just themselves, if our own lives don't go well - in our jobs, families, or other personal matters - we will likely not be able to help the world quite as much.

I know that sometimes talking about "balance" sounds like a platitude, but when dealing with complex issues like these ones, everyone needs to strike the right balance of global and local behaviour and thinking to be successful.

shrikant sharma

dr irving sir the society in usa is contributing alot because it is free and expression interchange is gradually becoming scientific. i found usa in my this tour as a very big but veryscientific class room.in the evolution of civilization the buisness and science goes hand in gloves.usa ispioneer to thisfact not only in practice but in thought and intution also.it will be in very near future that inusa only these thoughts will not only flourish but give births to a laww full secure scientific evolutionary process that will in turn create a prosperty you can not imagin canu have abuisness in a non law full theater which is non scientific?

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