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October 16, 2006


Makio Yamazaki


Thank you for your nice blogs.

Michael Dertouzos, who directed MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science
for more than two decades, raised the question in many of his writings.

"Why are we still serving the machines rather than the other way around ?"

Global business has spent the last 40 years automating
every corporate function that is worth "automating", "process reengineering", and so on.

However, when designing a information society, it supports complex systems
such as the communication level and the social level how and when designing,
it will be a great subject of investigation.

It is today that a lot of information & communication technologies have been developed,
and so we might be in the next stage of the thought, "human-centered computing".

Ian Foster


I find your comments both interesting and inspiring. They emphasize for me the similarities between the concerns of business and those of science. In both cases, our concern is to enhance human intelligence and creativity.

Regards -- Ian.

Ignacio Gomez-Landero

As a descendant of Cuban people - I am spanish - I am grateful to be in contact with a great Cuban . Congratulations for your enthusiasm !


"It is perfectly OK to integrate people in the design of our systems."

Can IBM say "People_Ready"?


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